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>> good evening. i'm dan ashley. 3 schools in richmond are on the chopping block tonight. city council is voting whether to close the high school and 2 element the ri schools. if kennedy high closes, it would be the first
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time in 23 years that a high school in west contra costa county shut its doors. allen wong is live in richmond with the very latest on the crucial evening. >>reporter: kennedy high would be the largest of the schools on the chopping block and second time that the city of richmond is being asked to ante up 1.5 million dollars to keep kennedy open. school officials and parents argue that it is a small learning community. test scores are up. but it is not just what is at stake more than the loss of a 62. west contra costa county school officials say merging kennedy with student from different parts of town could spark more gang violence. police say a lot of the street violence in richmond is associated with where a person lives. approximately 1,000 students from kennedy hay live mostly on the southide of richmond. the students here are north side and richmond high student come from central and san pablo area. school officials say the largest merge would
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occur between kennedy and richmond high. >> of all the schools that you would not want to be merged with which school would that be. >> richmond high. >> richmond high. >> richmond high. >>reporter: why is that. >> because it just not good over there. bad learning environment. >> richmond high. i know a had the of people up there. i went there for like a week. it was bad. it was like people messing around up in class. i just not uses learning. >> we have had kids gun down at bus stop two week ago down on second street and mcdonald. around the corner here at east shore park we saw a kid get killed who was going to school. >> our kids become their citizens when school bell rings. same people. just understanding we are serving the same population. >>reporter: west contra costa county schools lost 39 million dollars in state money this year. the richmond city council recognizes this but it says it has its own budget constraints to deal with and
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at least one city council member says the district has been fiscally irresponsible and he feels like the buck needs to stop here. linda and grant elementary schools could also be closed if they don't get the 1.5 million dollars. item is about to be discussed and voted on and we have the results for you on abc 7 news at 11:00. reporting live in r richmond, back to you. >> okay thanks very much. as we said a big night in richmond. important night. >> string of arson has made folks in sunnyvale quite nervous for months now police need your help to get the fire bug off the street. they release this sketch tonight of the fellow there looking for. lisa is live in sunnyvale. lisa most of this is small time stuff. not tons of damage but at least no one hurt. >> it could really get dangerous. that's why police are looking for this man tonight. a firefighters saw him leaving the scene of the latest string of fires. 9 in one day. they all happen on
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september 1st. this is the most serious one. arsonist set this pickup truck on fire while it was parked on old san francisco road. and someone was asleep inside of it. police got the car owner out. since may though the arsonist has set dumpster, trash in the street and recently 2 cars on fire. all the fires have been set within one section of sunnyvale involving fair oak, old san francisco and garland. now police are worried the arsonist could escalate. >> people that tend to do this they start out small and start gradually as they buildup their comfort level start building up the intensity and the dangerousness of what they are doing. that's again why we are reaching out to the public because we are seeing the frequency and seethe of it increasing. >>reporter: the man police are looking for is hispanic. 19 or 20 years old. 5 foot 8 to 5 foot 10 and slender build. police are not recalling out the possibility that he could live in this
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very neighborhood. life in sunny veil, lisa abc 7 news. thanks very much lisa. >> powerful show of solidarity in oakland courtroom today to support an officer who was shot and badly hurt. andrew is accused of shooting officer young last month. he had the first court appearance today. 70 uniformed members of the free mont police department made sure that he saw a sea of blue. more now from cecelia. >> members of fremont pd come on in. >>reporter: nearly half had of the department showed up. almost all of them on their own time. one by one the officers filed into the courtroom. their chief in the front row. >> i don't consider a show of force. i consider it solidarity. officers here to support todd. >>reporter: as officer todd young remains in induced coma with his wife by his side andrew bar wore a red jump suit. hands shackled at his waist for first appearance before a judge. the suspected gang member was arrested
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within feet of the mexican border. investigators say he admitted somewhating young last month as police attempted to serve a warrant open him. bar said he did not know the veteran officer was a cop. >> in the true. we'll prove in that's not true. >> whether this turns out to be an intentional shooting of a police officer or a tragic misunderstanding on the streets of oakland remains to be seen. >>reporter: bar family left without comment. he faces 10 felony including attempted murder and life in prison. >> i don't want this to be misconstrued as though we have some we don't have faith in the district attorney office absolutely not true. we are just here to show our support for todd. >>reporter: as officer young faces more surgery the outpouring of support has also overwhelmed local blood banks. red cross had to stepped hours to meet the demand. >> they have a face now to connect with the need for blood and they want to help. >>reporter: and they are
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through blood donation and warm wishes written in hundreds of get well card. many from people who never met officer young like this person who similar my wrote it is distressing that you were impaired in the line of duty in my hometown of oakland. officer young is expected to remain in the hospital for at least another two weeks and he could need as many as 3 more surgeries. doctors are saying so this means the call for blood remains in effect tomorrow red cross in oakland is hosting a blood drive in his honest and we have the details on our web site. in oakland, abc 7 news. it is believed to be the largest fine ever sought against a u.s. health insurer. state officials are are seeking up to 9.9 billion dollars, in fines against pacific care according to the los angeles times. the regulators say pacific care miss manage claims, lost thousands of patient documents and failed to pay doctors what they were owed. all told
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regulators say pacific car part of united health group violated state health law 1 million times. they accuse the health insurer of cutting cost at any means possible. calling it quota story of intense corporate greed. pacific care and united health group reject the state assertion saying the alleys are simply not true. that pacifica the pacific care pays the claims timely and accurately. the case is playing out in court and could be decided as early as next month. more corporate news. now to multi-million dollar personnel ballots between 2 silicon valley giants. hewlett-packard and/or kill fight over the service and competitive secret of one man. h p now suing mark hurd former ceo it forced out last movement suing to keep him from taking a job at rival tech company. the story now from korean a in palo alto. >>reporter: mark hurd was h p ceo for 5 years and forker
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company doesn't want him anywhere near rival other kill much less serving as co-president. goldman law professor at santa clara university and director of the high tech law institute. >> they are concerned clearly about the competitive threat he poses. in particular about the way in which hurd might be able to help sun micro systems part of oracle compete with h p. >>reporter: the suit came an executive i don't know there would violent hurd separation agreement. the lawsuit says hurd will be in a situation in which he can not perform his duties for oracle without necessarily using and disclosing h p trade secrets and confidential information to others. chuck worked for h p for 30 years and wrote the book published last year called the h p phenomenon. he says oracle ceo lary ellofson knew he was picking a fight with h p and didn't care. >> i think larry knows full
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well what he is doing. there's no question that he knew this would ring the bell over at h p board and h p executive suite. >>reporter: late today oracle sounded offended calling the h p lawsuit vindictive and said the h p board its making it virtually impossible for oracle and h p to continue to cooperate and work together in the it marketplace. despite hurd signature on multiple confidentiality groou agreements legal analyst say this is not a slam dunk for h p. >> reluctant to restrict employability and not entirely mostly clear to me that the court will agree with h p assessment situation. >>reporter: when oracle made announcement yesterday that mark hurd was joining the comp company, market was closed. today investors reacted and they liked the news. oracle shares were up more than 1.30 and ellofson net worse jumped
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1.76 billion dollars. in palo alto, abc 7 news. couple environmental items. state wild life officials have banned fishing along a two and a half mile stretch of the petaluma river because of an oil spill yesterday. old tugboat was being chopped up for scrap metal when it leaked an estimated 200 to as much as 600 gallons of far no sick isen wild life turned up. anybody with a boat danieled by the spill is eligible to file a claim with the u.s. coast guard. >> not that long ago the bayshore line was littered with the remnant of a once thriving salt business. industry that replaced natural marsh land with salt producing ponds and the pollution that came with them. but there has been much progress to reclaim that precious resource. lee glasser reports from an event today at the western end of the dump barton bridge that highlights the progress. >> today is a feast rather than a fight. >>reporter: after seven years of fighting and 100 million dollars in funding senator
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diane feinstein says the completion of the first phase of the bay salt pond restoration project is a milestone in preserving the health of the bay. >> i have come to really believe that this bay is the destiny of the san francisco bay area. and to return this bay to the wet land that had existed is an imperative. >>reporter: imperative to opportunity once lush natural habitat back to the original healthy state. thousands of shore bird are expected to begin nesting here this fall. >> first 2 have 30 nesting island and habitat. third cell remain dry in the summer and we expect it will attract snow bird. >> shall we cut the ribbon. all right. >>reporter: 2 37 acre site opened today restoration pond sf 2. the located on the south edge of the dumb barton bridge and part of the 16,000
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acre the state bought from car gill in 2003. porch was collaborative effort between government and private businesses. obama administration praises the project as a benefit to nature and mankind. >> we see this all around the country that healthy natural resources are important for a healthy economy. >> millions of people are depend interest upon this not just for recreation and for the kind of intangible attribute but for things like improving water quality through capture of storm water. >> bit end of the year another 4000 acres extending north to napa will be restored. the area today also includes walking trails and overlook. perfect viewing for what will be flying in. this is abc 7 news. >> more to bring you here tonight as we continue. difficult diagnosis. coming up. tough to tell if a cough is something serious as whooping turns deadly it's
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doctors get the blame. >> i'm in sacramento state budget now more than two months late yet the governor is leaving this week for trade mission to asian a.critic say he should stay here. >> accu-weather forecast center. today sharp cool down will be followed by more cooling tomorrow.i'll show you how low the temperatures will go in my accu-weather forecast coming up. >> from colorado to michigan. fire wipes out dozens of hopes. we bring up to speed hopes. we bring up to speed on the crisis as want you to >> b-a-c-c-a-l-a-u-r-e-a-t-e. baccalaureate. [ audienceroans ] since this competition has been continuing for 48 hours and we have yet to eliminate anyone, it is the decision of this board to declarell 20 contestants winners. you ha all competed admirably. admirably. a-d-m-i-r-a-b-l-y. admirably.
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for paying your bill on time and staying within your credit limit nice tights. what's your story? the citi forwa card can help you write it. buthat were the results? fact: brown promised to improve schools but the drop out rate increased 5, and t state had to take over the schools. fact: the citcontroller found employees paid for 22,0 hours... they never worked. act: brown promised to cut crime. but murders doubled, making oakland the 4th mot dangerous city in america. jerry brown. he just can'teliver the results california needs now. >> massachusetts woman east recovering tonight after falling outside her house directly on to a wasp nest. insect swarmed all over her. firefighters used annex continuing wish tore blast them away. wasn't enough. 3 firefighters were treated for stings. rescue crew had to
9:17 pm
deal with wasp in the ambulance. er staff battled them all the way to the hospital. at the hospital, hospital, too. as for the homeowner she was stung more than 500 times. poor thing. >> disturbing pattern has emerged from a steady of the 8 babies who died from whooping cough this year. it appears that despite patients multiple visits to clinic and hospitals to be checked out, doctors typically fail to make a swift and accurate diagnosis. the story now from john. >>reporter: it has become an epidemic in california. whooping cough also known as pertussis claimed 8 lives this year state wide. all were infant under three months old. and according to the california department of public health doctors were slow to diagnosis pertussis in all 8 cases despite several visits to clinic or hospitals. >> can't always tell. child comes in with a runy nose and a little bit of a cough maybe tiny bit of fever could be a lot of things. we are saying now we want those seeing these
9:18 pm
children to think pertussis. we know early treatment with antibiotics can in fact be life saving. >>reporter: this is the worst year for whooping cough in california since 1958. there have been 3600 reported cases that is 700 percent increase over the same appeared last year and 8 deadly case the infant was initially treated for nasty an congestion or mild upper respiratory infection. by the time the accurate diagnosis was made it was too late. >> really unsettling and i think that's it's one of those things where you just have to hope for the best. >> medicine itself is always guess work so you are still taking them in and doctor doing their best work to determine what it is but not always right. >>reporter: whooping cough is highly contagious and while children often contract an illness from other kids at school or day care, majority of the pertussis case are transmit from child older sibling or parents. so doctors recommend parents
9:19 pm
build a wall of immunity at home. >> immunization are life saving. really important. i hope every parent understands the importance of not only getting them but getting them on time for their children. >>reporter: this is john reporting for abc news. >> fire swept through at least 2 dozen homes across detroit tonight. wind gust of up to 50 miles an hour pushed flames and ember through 3 separate neighborhood. some fires may have been caused by dead tree limb falling on power lines. the detroit fire department is strapped for cash and under staffed. fire teams exhausted rushing from fire to fire. but there has been no reports of death or injuries. here's another house going up in flames late today in while fire burning since yesterday near boulder, boulder, colorado. 100 structures including dozens of homes have been destroyed. 3500 people have been forced to evacuate from a tinder dry canyon. colorado governor declared state of emergency today. the 7000 acre fire is
9:20 pm
burning uncontained but firefighters did get a break today when gusting winds subsided a bit. the fire apparently started when a car hit a propane tank and exploded. awful. we can certainly relate to those kind of scenes here in california. at league the wind died down in colorado oychlt exactly. here in the bay area we don't have any fire weather conditions. just the opposite. we have almost winter leak weather right now with temperatures dropping rather dramatically and even drizzle developing tonight. live view from the high definition roof top camera looking at coyote tower. we have some low clouds and fog around but some break in the cloud as well. not a completely foggy night. here's look at some of today's highs compared with the change not compared with the change but showing the change from yesterday. drop-off san francisco with high today of 60 degrees. 24 degrees lower than yesterday high. concord with high of 72. 23 degrees lower. can see all around the area. whether he a sharp drop-off in temperatures. cool down is indeed under way
9:21 pm
and right now 57 degrees in san francisco. also 57 in half moon bay. we have 60's in the inland area but no really warm weather at the moment. so these are the highlights. low clouds fog and drizzle overnight tonight and into the early morning hours. unseasonably cool tomorrow. a little bit warmer weather towards the end of the week. satellite radar composite image shows almost winter like storm. certainly fall like one dropping down out of the pacific northwest with cool very cool air and here's what it produces in the way of weather. time line here in the overnight and early morning hours we see drizzle developing perhaps not quite so much as xawter model showed earlier. shower activity to our north and of course we have some clouds and fog. that will continue all the way in tomorrow afternoon. and speaking of tomorrow afternoon. over in the sierra central sierra hay sierra near joe's might showers develop tomorrow and tomorrow night and even late tomorrow night and overnight and snow in the higher elevation of about 8,000 feet and above. so again very unsummer like weather conditions back in the
9:22 pm
bay area tonight with fog and drizzle. low pressure mainly in the mid 50's or rather narrow overnight tonight and tomorrow high will be well below normal in south bay. high reaching only that the 60 60's, 67 at san jose and cupertino. peninsula mainly mid 60's. 67 redwood city and palo alto 66 at san mateo o. 50's on the coast with drizzle at pacifica and a half moon bay. in and around san francisco high of 61 degrees downtown. 57 in the sun set district. wide range of high in the north bay but all well below afternoon from 60's to 70's warmest readings find 73 degrees at clove dale ukiah and calistoga. on to the nearest bay with pretty much uniform temperatures tomorrow. mid 60's. 65 at oakland. 65 san leandro. union city. over in the inland valley of the east bay upper 60's to low 70's. certainly well below normal there and around monterey bay look for high in the low 60's near the bay. mid upper 60's inland. accu-weather 7 day forecast
9:23 pm
after the coolest day in the forecast period which will be tomorrow. we sea temperatures rebound just a few degrees on thursday. fanally temperatures will sort of normalize on friday and remain in rather consistent pattern next tuesday and inland high in the low to mid 80's. around the baylow to mid 70's and 60's on the coast. sound nice to me i'll take it. >> thanks very much. >> men versus women. coming. surprising differences when it comes to memory loss. >> if you want your son or daughter to get ahead in school you might think aboutgetd
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oureal national pastime? saving money and like baseball people ve their stats. i started brging my lunch to work -- 50 bks a week in my pocket. here's a gd one: state farm insures 40 million drivers. more than geico and progressive combined.
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i saved beuse i'm accident-free. of course, with so many ways to se including discounts of up to 40%, having that many customers shouldn'be a surprise. so ask a neighbor about ste farm, then call an agent at 1-800-state-farm or go online. are. >> 2 new studies are shedding light on people who use facebook report dutch and american psychologist found that students using web
9:26 pm
site while they study even enter minutely will see the grades drop 20 percent compared to people who do not study while on facebook. second study researchers discovered the site draw as large number of people with higher levels of narcissism and low levels of self-esteem. researchers at york university say facebook user see the site as means of self o mochlingts that promotion breaks down by gender. women most likely to advance themselves by a photograph while men do so in written postings. on the subject of gender. vindication today for women who have long complained that the men in their lives seem so forestful. new study from the mayo clinic makes it official. men are much more likely than women to suffer significant memory loss as they able. here's lindsay davis. >>reporter: he was always one of the men a little forgetful when it came to birthday and anniversary but the fast few years his memory started getting worse. >> item embarrassing when
9:27 pm
someone you should know walks in the room and says hi. how are you? and i'll say well, i'm fine. you know and act like i know who it is. >>reporter: he was one of 2000 men and women over the age of 70 who took part in the study. the mayo clinic found 19 percent of the men suffered from mild cognitive impairment compared to 14 percent of the women. mild cognitive impairment is significant forgetfulness but not severe enough to interfere with daily life. >> this is a surprising finding to us. >>reporter: what also makes these new findings so surprising is that women are more likely than men to get alzheimer's. fortunately for life his wife memory is still intaichblingt i try to ask him daily if he has taken his medication morning and evening. >>reporter: doctors aren't sure why men are experiencing this memory loss more than women but they are looking very closely at possible clue. heart sdichlts when we look at the men who have mild
9:28 pm
cognitive impairment they tend to have more of the vascular risk factor than women do such as high bloop. diabetes. smoking history. >>reporter: good news is these are areas where doctors can intervene and potentially diminish the risk of delevoping significant memory loss. this is abc news new york. >> on to politic. when we continue tonight new spin on charges that senate candidate carly sold technology the iran and her effort to court the califoia jewish vote. if new sound survey that questions whether riding bart can be hazardous to your health. heat the governor is taking for planning a trip to china in the middle of a budget crisis. and the first day of the bay area first ever on line high school. tay
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>> here's a look at the headlines we are following tonight. richmond city council is voting on whether to close kennedy high school and 2 elementary schools this evening. closing the schools would save the west contra costa county school district one and a half million dollars but obviously very disruptive to a number of children. sunnyvale police lack for this man. suspected in series of arsons. posely in dumpsters and cars. >> h p suing former ceo hurd to stop him from taking top job at rival oracle. h p claims he wouldn't be able to perform the job without using h p's trade secrets. on to politic. the former
9:32 pm
h p executive trying town seat senator boxer is sparking controversy over a quick trip to israel. carly returned from the weekend trip this morning. critic see it as attempt to court voters and votes among supporters of israel and some controversy over about alleged deals with iriran while she ran h p. political reporter mark matthews tonight with the political fall out. >> abc 7 political analyst says carly could peel away support from the usually democratic jewish vote if she can capitalize on dissatisfaction with the obama administration. >> for the people that are passionately pro is israeli the obama administration hasn't been hasn't lived up to the expectation. >>reporter: so in an attempt to counter her israel trip, trip, today a small gathering of jewish leaders in los angeles demanded that she apologize. >> she has not yet apologized for this. not yet come clean on this. >>reporter: complaint is that while she was the ceo of
9:33 pm
hewlett packard the company through outside distribute or sold printers to iran. in violence of the u.s. trade ban. >> do business with very people who are threatening to wipe israel off the face of the planet. >>reporter: she has been attacked on this issue from the left and from the right. last may this was tea party favorite chuck pwoor. >> she supported hundreds of millions of high tech equipment to the iran. >>reporter: her response. chuck knows very well h p always followed the law and employees of h p followed the law. this was her response in april. >> guys, look, h p has always followed the law. these are that particular charge is not only baseless and ridiculous, it came out of a democratic play book during the presidential election. >>reporter: in fact it came from a letter of inquirey from the sec but she is correct that h p was never charged with any wrongdoing. the law is one thing and politics is
9:34 pm
another. >> so i want to thank the rabbi. i don't know who they are. i just thank them for raising this issue. >> do you think it will resonate with voters this issue. >> if any voter that cares about our security hear at home, i think it will make a difference to. >>reporter: but political analyst bruce cane doesn't he says where this issue could matter is in a tv attack ad. >> for small number of voters who make up their mind at the last minute and really voting the person rather than the issues this is something that if it is put in the right kind of ad could make a difference. >> reporter: at this point it appears the swing even small number of voters could make a difference. the it's that close. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. in the the governor race republican whitman had key endorsement today from insurance commissioner steve poizner who lost to whitman in the june primary. during the primary campaign he accused her of being a republican in name only. however today
9:35 pm
without detracting the comment he issued a statement through the party office saying he's backing the entire gop ticket in november because it's our best hope to fix governmental systems that are clearly in need of a major overhaul. and some people around sacramento and beyond are not very happy today with the governor upcoming trade mission. he's leaving for asia in a few days. even though the state is running out of money and about to issue i o u once again, again, capitol correspondent annette has the story. >> the state now more than two months into the fiscal year and budget agreement is not in sight. but the governor is still leaving thursday for a 6 day trade mission to asia to promote trade and california goods and points out he can come home early if necessary. >> this is all about creating jobs. about jobs jobs jobs. stimulating the economy and just because the legislature has failed to do their work doesn't mean that my office the governor's office should fail to do my work.
9:36 pm
>>reporter: leader of both house met with the governor today behind closed doors and they repeated they are making progress. they don't believe the governor absence will hiner negotiations at all. >> we live in the modern times and if the governor is there or here we can engage in important conversations. >>reporter: because no money can be apropose he 88thed many state services on hold. the governor should be here to make sure lawmakers come to an agreement so services can continue say some. this is upset like thousands of college students she need a state budget approved as soon as possible sop the school can release the cal grant financial aid. >> i was counting on all the money like i said for gas and for tuition and for my books. >> i'm on edge. >>reporter: michael has 2 kid who were connected out of day care. once the state stopped paying. she is disappointed the governor is leaving with the state budget still in limbo would. >> my mother who has been helping me with my children she's leaving the country.i'll
9:37 pm
lose the one person who had been helping me through this. >>reporter: if he doesn't get a budget soon i'll lose my job. i just live here. i'm like i look up to you to take care of us and you are really letting california down. >>reporter: supporters of the trade mission point out california exported 27 billion dollars worth of goods last year to the 3 country the governor isym visiting. china japan and south korea. governor is confident more deals can be signed while there. in sacramento, abc 7 news. new report questions whether noise levels on bart trains can be harmful to the hearing. san francisco chronicle survey the entire bart system and found decibel levels as high as 100 which is the equivalent of a jack hammer. bart admits it is noisey in spots but adds recent study gaivt agency a top rating among comparable rail systems across the country. >> there are times when the noise is pretty loud. p
9:38 pm
perhaps a yack hammer or something else of 85 decibel but the noise doesn't stay for that level of time for a long time. so while jack hammer can go on for hours and hours, hours, this is pretty much 20 or 30 seconds stretch. >> according to the chronicle the highest noise level between west oakland and embarcadero station in the transbay tube of course. 24th to 16th and mission street and linda to rock ridge. quietest right from hayward to the south hayward station. >> in education news. first in california. charter school in san francisco will combine on line instruction with traditional teach interthe classroom approach. today abc education reporter lee ann got a good look at the new school. >>reporter: this is california first hybrid school. 80 percent of the instruction will be taught on line and the remaining 20 in a traditional classroom. like any other school students are expected to show up here 5
9:39 pm
days a week from 8 to 3. everybody gets to focus on and my daughter still wanted socialization that brick and mortar school gave so quite an easy decision for us. him if this morning it was time to get acquainted. the if this looks like a hotel conference room, well, it is. classes started today at the st. francis hotel in downtown san francisco. of course the st. francis is only temporary location for them. this will be the new home for the new school. the old press club on post street. new building should be available in two weeks with plenty of class rooms and computer space for the nearly 50 students so far enrolled at flex academy. student will have the k 12 on line curriculum used by many kids who are homeschooled. that curriculum offers 130 courses including 5 lang
9:40 pm
wanls. the school at your own pace with individualized attention. >> if you are behind you get more help so you can succeed. if you are very advanced and fast you can go faster and that could kivr in different subjects. >>reporter: mr. cruz is one of 4 teachers hired by the school. >> not how interesting a lesson i put together. how much i can ber taken them really up to them to sort of get through the material. i provide support when i think it is something really difficult. >> at my old school there were 40 kid to a class room. pretty over crowded. teachers didn't have enough time for each student. >>reporter: like any other public charter school they are if you saided by the state. in san francisco, lee ann, 7 news. coming up here next. energy rebate you can get from california cash for appliance program. 7 on your side michael looks into why it is so hard to give its momo
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jerry brown the knowledge and know-how to get california working agn. [you cat really if you wolove in, i know about gayle. i don't know what you're talki about. if you just tell me whatappened... [ ding ] [ man ] 35th and archer. next stop hamion. [ brakes hiss ] ♪ [ male announcer ] now you cawatch hit tv shows >> spectacular fire gutted 9 fishing boats in south korea. boats tied together to be better protected against a dive typhoon that never hit. fir started in one boat and spread to the others. meanwhile in france. labor striking has spread from
9:44 pm
trains to subway, buses now airport. a lot of people had to walk as a result. of they find other ways to get to the destination. protest is over the president's plan to raise retirement age from 60 to 62. upward of 2 and half million people throughout the country demonstrated against the government cost cutting measures. back in consumer news. california cash for appliance program debuted 5 months ago. offers rebate of any where from 50 to 1,000 dollars for the purchase of energy efficient amripss. but as michael explains, the program is be set with problems and frustration among consumers is rising fast. many. >> patricia bought energy efficient washing machine under cash for appliances. she looked forward to getting her 100 dollar rebate. >> i was kind of happy pirngs she sent in the rebate form but the post office accepts it right back marking it returned to sender unable to forward.
9:45 pm
>> i kind of thought do i have the right address. difficult put the wrong p o box of it. i double checked everything was right. >>reporter: she couldn't get an explanation so she called 7 on your side and we talked to the california energy commission. it runs the rebate program and received dozens of similar complaints. >> we are working with the post office to make sure that consumers can send in their application as quickly as possible. >>reporter: post office is admitting fault by e-mail. it told us the local post office is working with the u.s. p s central forward system to determine the issue and correct it. however not all returned applications can be blamed on the post office. some are returned for insufficient postage. >> there's 5 pieces of application and supporting documents that is needed for this program and consumer should check with the post office to make sure they have adequate post annual on their
9:46 pm
application. >>reporter: donna wrote us about a different frustration. she has been unable to contact california cash for appliance by phone or e-mail. many callers are getting a busy signal. >> energy commission acknowledged some of the issues with the call center and we have done some improvement so that consumer can get through to the call center. we have added additional staff and additional lines. >>reporter: also set up special e-mail address which kev also posted on our web site. financially john of tanville says his rebate was denied even though his refrigerator is on the approved list. >> we have received over 100,000 applications and we acknowledge that there has been errors in the program. >>reporter: john tells us he's already received his check. in fact, more than half of the 32 million dollars allocated to the rebate program has already been given out. however 14 million dollars still remains on a first come first serve basis.
9:47 pm
now we have a link to answers to frequently asked question about the program on our web site. 7 on your side. coming up next. thank goodness not anything like the movie armageddon but an asteroid event does have astronomer pretty excited. we have that story as the [ female announcer ] we know jerry own was mayor of oakland, ut what were the results? fact: brown promised to improve schoo. but the drop out rate increas 50%, fact: theity controller
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found employees paid for 2000 hours... they never worked. fact: brown promised to cut crime. but murders doubled, making oakland the 4th most dangerous city in america. jerry brown. he just c't deliver the results california needs now.
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3q >> double feature in space. unprecedented event for astronomer. 2 as stroydz will swing past earth tomorrow at distance closer than the moon. quite close. first one 42 footer will pass it just after 2 in the morning pacific time. the second one about 23 feet across. whiz by 12 hours later. other asteroids have passed this close but it is rare for 2 to be spotted zooming in at the same time. at least they are not that close. >> let's go back to the forecast. spencer here. >> okay. start with the time lapse view from the high definition south beach camera showing cloud screaming across the bay this afternoon as cool down began. by tomorrow we are looking at the coolest region for awhile. well below average. see the difference between tomorrow projected high and the average high 90 where from 10 to about 14 or 19 degrees cooler than the
9:51 pm
average. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast after temperatures finish dropping to the lepoint total and drizzle. bounce back on thursday. friday through next tuesday around the bay on the coast 60. >> very nice looking good. >> asteroid will miss us. >> they clyde it will be disaster oid. >> thank you very much sky larry stepped up here a second ago and said what is going to happen. do i need to make the next mortgage payment. >> yes end is not near. if it is serious i'm going to get my asteroid out of here. the giants are keeping the heat on the first place padres. and how nice it is to have franchise back. indeed. tim franchise back. indeed. tim sizzle in the desert in.
9:52 pm
as governor, he cut waste got rid of the mansi and the limo budgets were balanced. $4 billion inax cuts. world class schoolsand univ. clean energy promod. 1.9 million new jobs created. california was working. i'm jerry brown. california eds major changes. weave to live within our means; we have to return pow and decision making to the local lel-closer to the people and no new taxes witut voter approval. jerry brown the knowledge anknow-how to get california rking again.
9:53 pm
b-a-c-c-abaccalaureate.. correct. [ audience groans ] since this cpetition has been continuing for 48 hours and we he yet to eliminate anyone, it is the decision of this board to declare all 20 contestants winners. you have all competed admirably. admirably. a-d-m-i-r-a-b-l-y. admirably. [ male announcer ] at&t is making gh speed internet afrdable for only $14.95 a month with select services. at&t. rethink possible. were prese want you to if the.
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00. genetically altered fish that may be headed for your dinner plate. >> and hooking at some medical research that shows why good dance moves could be a sign of good health. those stories and more in one hour on 7 news at 11:00. >> were those the good dance moves or. >> betterp any of ours. >> oh. i don't know. i don't know about that. >> those are good moves e.that was the good stuff. >> apparently. all right. >> can't wait for 11:00. with two games left in the regular season sprint to the finish for the giant and nice to have tim looking like the timy of old against the diamondbacks
9:55 pm
and huff like old. out of a slump 1st inning. just crushed. moon shot. 23rd of the year. early lead for him and struck out 11 tonight in the second inning. adam tm and allen, no. allowed 1 hit and sanchez in the known for the power especially to the opposite field but ball carries and carries. hot desert night. fourth of the year. nasty catch. i don't know what is going on there. but it was 4 nothing pats. that's why they call him pat is back. 6 nothing giants. 6 3 was the final and giants named 1 back of first place san diego. the bad beat la 2-1. how about the a's braiden opening 3 game set with san francisco. issue row left field line. mat and
9:56 pm
russell the with muscle but that is a broken bat bloop. 5 run in the second here. in the third fast ball and bloop way out by the way. improper highlights courtesy of sports nest. look what i find. in the right spot. 40,000 seats fill available. 7-2 seattle bottom of the nine. in case you mystical season opening win on saturday you missed one of the best debut imaginable. get used to hearing the name keenan allen. freshman out of north carolina is instant star. mike has more on cal new big man on campus. >> against the green and sprint. keenan allen. true freshman true touch down. >> allen had quite a college debut. 4 catches for 120 yards and ran three times for 38 yards and score. >> i was really exciting felt like i made a couple plays.
9:57 pm
beneficial to the team. electric i helped out. made a role. did pretty good. >>reporter: he and team mates not spraysd with his performance. >> everybody says they saw it in camp. you could tell how good athlete he was with the ball and knew he was going to do something special which he did. people were going to get excited. just good for the fans l. >>reporter: bears playing davis but he as another dimension to the 0finance that keep opponent honest. >> when you have a first year who can make big play everything for the run game opens everything up for the entire office because you have the look out for no. 21. >>reporter: keenan knows big play and the play book. >> tim is a freshman true fresh map after just one camp didn't make any mental mistake which is very unusual for true freshman. >>reporter: cal host division one team on cal rad 0on saturday and game tape on keenan they may be a bit tougher on the true freshman.
9:58 pm
abc 7 sports. >> man against boys right there usc on probation. they have already returned their cope of the heismann trophy won by bush. now bush himself could be forced to give up the hardware. the trust is to complete its own investigation into the improper benefit butch may have receiveved and planning to strip bush of the awart leaving it the honor vague anti-2005. member of the trust say no decision made at this point and they say none is imminent. bush does get stripped he's the first player in the 75 year history of the heismann have it taken away. rider casting of cory. picked tiger woods this october in wails. he struggled off on the cower and he said taking wdz was an easy choice because tiring is playing better lately. u.s. open. venus williams in the hot pink tonight against french open champion
9:59 pm
francesca. she look goods for somebody who hadn't played in two months. first set she won in tie breaker. match point second set. back hand. long. 7, 6, 6, 4 and 2 seed with tim if the ladies semifinal. best kilometer back and best match point you will ever see for the bottom of the screen. sprinting from the base lane to the net. watch him turl the forehand winner in to rally wherever 2 set did you know and collapsing 7 much 6 quarter time inform the finish of the match. >> pretty cool. thanks larry very much. that's this edition of 7 news at 9:00 and tv 20 for all of us here, thanks for watching. appreciate your time. there are those moves. check us out at

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